• Back Off, I’m a Ninja


Tosh and Amy may have managed to keep the demon Akuma in the kami realm, but that hardly spells success. While the living realm is spared, Akuma consumes all kami in his path. Even worse—he’s targeting Tosh and Amy’s ancestors, consuming them and weakening the Inyo all in one shot.

When Akuma’s Clan murders not just ancestors but their living relatives, Tosh and Amy can’t waste time mourning those they’ve lost. They must get stronger. They must defeat Akuma before he siphons all their power and more people die.

Just as they approach their peak strength, Akuma’s dark shaman deals a devastating blow. Weakened and captured by the enemy, Tosh and Amy have run out of options. Unless they can discover a new kind of strength, they must not only sever their connection with each other but lose their souls, and every else’s, to Akuma.

**Back Off, I'm a Ninja is associated with MDA Books with print distribution only. It is published under the author's imprint, Whipple House**

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A fun and exciting melee of romance, roundhouse kicks and espionage that will keep you guessing until the end. | Amanda Sun, author of the Paper Gods series (INK and RAIN)


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