• True Colors and Other Short Stories


In this short story collection, Michelle D. Argyle shares sixteen of her literary pieces written during 1999 - 2011. In the title story, "True Colors," the main character fights her vibrant personality against the true darkness lurking within her. The story builds until a row of six dead birds stop her in her tracks. In the opening story, "Thread," (also published in the 2011 collection, Stories for Sendai), a married couple's reaction to the Sendai earthquake and tsunami on March 11th, 2011 reveals their own earth-shattering issues and what must be done to solve them. The lizard on the cover represents the story, "The Threshold," about a young boy with an intense physical attraction to a girl he's not supposed to touch. True Colors is a collection of quiet stories exploring the hidden, but often overlooked colors we try to hide every day. Sometimes they shouldn't be hidden at all.

Also included are several poems and one prose poem picked as the staff choice award in New Mexico's Literary journal, Scribendi (2002).

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Astoundingly beautiful and refreshingly open and honest, without ever degenerating into darkness or negativity. A beautiful, beautiful read. | Amy Laurens, editor
A stunning collection. I found the imagery to be absolutely stark, the language fluid and convoluted in a beautiful way, and the stories natural and inviting in their life-like portrayal. | Amie McCracken
As a former private chef, I would use food to create my art. Pairing flavor with texture, color and aroma, my canvas was a testimony to my love of gastronomic delight. Michelle Davidson Argylle’s TRUE COLORS short story collection borrows from my kitchen. Her mastery of the English language is like indulging in the finest seven-course meal. The subtle word play, combined with deliberate description, made me long for a nice glass of wine to accompany every page. Every story adds a new flavor, a new dimension to taste, which compliment each other beautifully. There are no mistakes in this menu, and after reading each selection, you want to sit back and savor everything you’ve read before cleansing your palette and beginning the next course. Tart, tangy, sweet, savory, TRUE COLORS is a testimony of her love for the written word. | Anne Gallagher, author of The Lady's Fate 


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