• Trust Me, I’m a Ninja


In this action-packed sequel, life hasn’t exactly been rosy since Tosh Ito and Amy Sato rid San Francisco of the Akuma Clan ninjas. They still can’t control their powers, and no one really knows how to train them to be Inyo. Adding to their problems, Amy is distant and depressed and won’t say why.

Before Tosh can figure her out, the Akuma Clan makes a comeback. A gate to the kami realm is opened and strange creatures roam the city, causing chaos. Only Tosh and Amy can stop it, but they don’t know how, and they haven’t got time to learn. The gate is getting bigger, and something dangerous is waiting on the other side. Something hungry for the soul of an Inyo.

**Trust Me, I'm a Ninja is associated with MDA Books with print distribution only. It is published under the author's imprint, Whipple House**

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A fun and exciting melee of romance, roundhouse kicks and espionage that will keep you guessing until the end. | Amanda Sun, author of the Paper Gods series (INK and RAIN)


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